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    A Qatar based initiative, Torba Farmers Market aims to be a leader in locally grown food and homemade products.

    Our focus is to build a community where local growers and home businesses can trade organically grown food and naturally produced artisanal creations.

    The name “Torba” is derived from Arabic, that can be said to mean “the pure soil that feeds, nourishes and nurtures”.

    We take this inspiration when selecting the finest locally farmed produce and products in the region.

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    Many Qataris and residents have fancied the idea of an artisanal farmers market in Qatar with a focus on tasty and healthy food products that have been made or grown locally.

    Many individuals, home businesses and local companies are beginning to embrace the idea of health and wellbeing in their products and Torba aim’s to promote these products in our Farmers Market and also online.

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