Trader Application

Expression of interest

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Torba Farmers Market trader.

Completing this form is the first stage in the application process. This will enable us to
select the right traders so we can ensure that the market retains its reputation for selling
a diverse range of food, honestly priced and carefully sourced.

This application process involves four stages:
1. Express your interest
2. Submit your application
3. Join us for a face to face interview
4. Show us your products

*This is an application form only and does not guarantee a place at Torba Farmers Market. We will review your application and someone from the management will notify in case of approval or disapproval of your application.

We consider the following criteria when reviewing vendor applications.

1. The degree to which the product fulfills a distinctive niche at the market.
2. The degree to which ingredients are locally grown or sourced.
3. The degree to which non-local ingredients are locally processed.
4. The degree to which packaging is environmentally friendly.
5. The quality of vendors presentation and display.
6. The volume of product the vendor is able to provide.
7. The degree to which the primary farmer/chef/crafter is present at the market.

Please provide the following information:

Please choose the description that best describes you

List up to five of your products including a short description of each and the individual selling price or price per kilo, where applicable