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Torba Farmers Market is a celebration of locally grown produce, homemade cuisine, and artisanal endeavour.

It is a place where the community gathers to learn, to shop and be empowered as vendors and consumers. Our focus is to nourish and nurture our environment and ourselves, with an emphasis on sustainability and ethical business practice.

Established in 2017, Torba Farmers Market is located at the beautiful Ceremonial Court in Education City. Our market is unique in Qatar, with the season running from November through to April.

Sustainable and Local

We are big fans of conscious eating and recognise the importance of sustainability and buying direct from local farms and the artisans themselves.Through our platform, we are getting back to our roots, reconnecting with our food, supporting the increasing preference for fruit and vegetables that have been locally grown, for food that is less processed and practices that encourage a more sustainable Qatar and planet Earth.

Ethical principles

We ask all our traders to offer eco-friendly alternatives so we can reduce the amount of single plastic usage at the market. We want to play our part in lessening the devastating effect of plastic pollution on our planet, our own health and our wildlife. We encourage you to bring your own bags and reusable items to our market. Torba Farm will consistently offer their products and vegetables at the market without any plastic packaging or in packaging that can be reused. We are helping other participating farms to work towards reducing their plastic packaging.


We see Torba as a community, one where we bring people together, where we can learn the importance of healthy eating and wellness, while supporting local agriculture and green initiatives.

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Our Latest News

  • Qatar International Food Festival 2019

    Torba Market returns as a partner for the 10th anniversary of the Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF). Running from March 20-30, QIFF is one of the country's biggest events of the year. Torba Market provides an expanded market experience with extended hours and exciting entertainment throughout the festival.

    Evening Market

    Everything just gets a little bit more exciting at night. It's even better when paired with great food and company. Welcome to our Evening Market. Coming alive in April, we shift our focus from our day Farmers Market to an atmospheric filled night market with a focus on food, fun, friends and family under Doha's night sky.