Our Home Gardening Services

We have created an exciting calendar of farm vegetable pickings weekends, workshops and garden services and more! If you are interested in our garden services please contact us for more information.

To book, you can mail us at : or call us at : +974 3067 2516

Our Workshops

We see Torba Farmers Market as an ideal platform for the community to learn healthy and conscious lifestyle choices, and we regularly present guest experts to showcase featured topics. We believe education is key to cultivating better habits and increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable


Torba Market is excited to be partnering with The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) for their educational festival, Doha Learning Days, held at Ceremonial Court from 14th November to 19th November 2019.

Wise is an international initiative started by Qatar Foundation, aimed at transforming education through innovation. Doha Learning Days festival brings the community together for educational experiences delivered by local and international experts.
There are numerous activities held throughout the week such as learning labs, talks, wellness activities and lots more!

As part of Doha Learning Days, Torba will be holding several workshops on sustainability.

How To Reduce Waste In Your Home

With Sarah Cameron

A guide in how to be mindful in reducing all waste in your house, from shopping, cleaning,
composting and recycling.

19th November 2019
Torba Market
8.30am – 9.30am

How How To Run A Sustainable Small Business

With Fatma Al Khater

No matter how small you are, changes make a big difference. Why is it important? Learn how to offer reusable options to your customers, get to grips with eco tips that work. Find out where to get eco-friendly products for your business and take onboard suggestions for reducing your work waste.

15th November 2019
Torba Market
10 am

Precious Plastics

With Simon Jones – Qatar Foundation

Showcasing a machine that shreds plastic into small pieces to make new items! Find out and watch
how you can recycle and upscale some household plastic.

19th November
Qatar Foundation
11.30am – 12.30pm

Why, How And When? An Easy Guide To Starting Your Sustainability Journey In Qatar

With Jose Saucedo, Doha Environmental Action Project (DEAP)

Jose is on a mission to clean up Qatar. He is the director of Doha Environmental Actions Project
(DEAP), a volunteer group dedicated to supporting the country’s environment. DEAP volunteers spend most weekends cleaning up beaches around the country and Jose wants to tell you how easy
it is to start your sustainability journey. You won’t want to miss this enthusiastic talk.

19th November 2019
Majlis Space
9.30am – 10.30am