OUR Vendors- 7th December

Torba Market Section

Vitamin Bar
Cold pressed juices, wellness shots, botanical juices, organic coffee and a cool hangout spot to learn about wellness.

Local fridge
Shop your weekly groceries from this fridge! We sell Raw milk, farm fresh Laban, artisan chocolates, home made preserves, jams, eggs and much more.

Farm to table
The freshest salads, artisan food and fresh bread served to you straight from the farm to your plate. Come and say hi to Chef Sam and get to know our Farm to table offerings for season three.

Torba Farm
The freshest, most variety and spray free local vegetables you can find! Harvested from our farm every Saturday morning especially for Torba Market.

Refill Station
High quality locally crafted products made with fresh Qatari clay, coconut and charcoal. We also encourage you to refill or bring your own bottle.

Eco Bayt
Eco friendly items for living the zero waste lifestyle.


SVR jewellery
Custom made Bracelets designed and handmade by Sylvie with passion.

Soulmade Qatar
Made of material that is in harmony with the environment. Visually unique designs

Nouf Graphics
Handmade stationary items that uses recycled paper, and tote bags that are 100% natural cotton

Ak Arts
Handmade paintings, magnets and more!

Designing Qatar inspired gifts and souvenirs. Connecting culture through design and gifts.

Pure Homemade Nut Butter
Homemade, sugar free, no preservatives and all natural, perfect for the Keto diet, made with love.

Pesto kitchen
Producing beautiful pesto from her own organic basil grown from her garden.

Yalla Vegan
Probiotic rich food and drinks, vegan, handmade and delicious.

The Vegan Alchemist is a fully vegan and organic brand founded in Qatar. From candles to facial sprays, the concept of Botany is to highlight ancient medicinal ingredients and healing Middle Eastern spices that are proven to heal, nourish, feed, rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and restore the health of the skin.

Noon Organics
Sourcing ethical, raw materials to create skin remedies. Selling organic, raw high quality Argan oil and hand crafted beauty products for your skin

Handmade in Qatar, soy candle with fragrance oil

Home made, all natural beautiful aromatherapy sprays and serums. All beneficial on your mind and body. Zest looks after your well-being and self care.

Al Nahl
Premium handcrafted body products

Palm trees and Silk
Luxurious silk pillowcases for your self care and sleep

The Flo Lifestyle
Unique cover ups and accessories inspired by life elements.

Baby Elephant
Clothing are made from 100% organic cotton and are with Arabic touch – either in design or phrases used (local slang). This brand is Qatari and was founded by two mothers.

Salsa by Maria
Traditional and authentic Mexican food and super delicious.

Delicious food, including special grilled sandwiches.

Sit Beit
Passionate home cooks sharing traditional food that is delicious and super healthy.

Evergreen Organics
Evergreen Organics offer plant based healthy food. Organic, chemical-free, local and high quality ingredients is their priority.

Nourishing Bowls
Doha’s first Açai bowl. Gluten free, refined sugar free,vegan and eco friendly.

Crepe De’ Paris
Cafe Crepe de Paris is Qatari brand with french crepes & belgian waffles, fresh Juices.

Superheroes Eat Plants
Vegan comfort food is back. Bagels, burritos, ice cream, donuts and snickers – there’s something for everyone.

Offering the prized Medjool dates which are widely known to be the king of dates due to their large size and delightful taste, also date smoothies.

A vegetarian and vegan friendly concept that delivers healthy superfood and desserts, their mission is to spread the awareness of healthy lifestyle that suits the community.

Hush Bowl
Making healthy food edible, appetizing and “Instagramable”. Hush want to attract young people to start eating healthy by showing them that they actually have options. Their bowls are colorful, nourishing and delicious.

Achi B’s
Homemade delicious chutneys  with food. Vegan option offered.

Guilt Free Kitchen
Exclusively Gluten-Free, mostly vegan & refined-sugar free. Using organic fresh & locally grown produce as much as possible.

Poke Bowl
Choose vegetarian and vegan options choices as a poke bowl. They use organic products, they support greenhouse farms in Qatar and buy directly from farms.

Matryoshka Bakery
Food handmade with love, try some Russian traditional food and learn more about this lovely food.

Milka the Happy Baker
Bringing back the traditional way of breadmaking without commercial yeast or other artificial ingredients. Sourdough and artisan bread products.

Turkish Food
Homemade, no artificial colours or preservatives, bread and savoury products. Vegan and gluten free options.

Natures Treasures
Freshly roasted organic coffee beans and high quality products. Coffee is roasted personally by natures treasures

2 Cotes
Speciality coffee with a small range of sweet goods.

Vein Coffee Bar
Serving specialty coffee, with beans from around the globe in partnership with DROP Coffee Roasters, one of the world’s top award winning roasters.

December Café
@ December Cafe
High quality speciality coffee, healthy salads and signature sweets that are well known among the community.

Home made Greek yoghurt, artisan coffee and more.

Lavieenrose café
Artisan coffee and fresh hand baked eclairs.

Fluff are home based bakers who make great coffee.

Wednesday’s Cake and Coffee
Artisan coffee, Turkish coffee and a range of delicious cakes and sweets.

A group of coffee lovers serving artisanal coffee

Bon Café
A new café that showcases artisan coffee, uses a electricity free fridge.

Homemade freshly baked cookies, that have no hydrogenated oils, using natural butter and carefully selected ingredients.

Maple cookies
A variety of delicious macaroons, handmade biscuits and sweet goods.

Soft serve ice cream where you can choose the toppings.

A passionate home baker serving up the most delicious goods for you.

Delivering raw, nourishing and healthy treats.

Lemonade guy
Homemade lemonades served with a smile.

Handmade Baos and dumplings, with the fluffiest Baos around.

Hype Bakery
Serving freshly baked bread, croissants and sandwiches.

Crazy leaves
A special booth that serves vine leaves with different flavours and special touches.

Sweet and savoury Qatar
A passionate home cook will serve you hot Turkish baked goodies.

Our extended area

Vitamin Bar Coffee
Fresh organic blend freshly roasted beans from Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in Flat Whites that taste just like a flat white from New Zealand or Australia and organic Long Blacks.

Cloud and co
Their gelato is made by the traditional Italian method. Handmade ice cream served from a cute little ice cream cart, amazing artisan flavours and combinations.

Torba Play
A creative and calm area that provides stimulating activities that encourage natural play and exploration. Archel is the lovely assistant that your children will want to meet and hang out with. Located on the green grass, the road is closed on market day so walk on over with your children, there is seating too.

Torba Junior
Situated next to Torba junior this is a great place for kids (and adults) to buy and support our mini traders.